About us

Small town Lasin with 3.000 inhabitants lies 20 km in south-east of Grudziadz, on Zamkowe lake, in Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. On the economic map of Poland Lasin became famous as a steel drums manufacturer. A precursor to the production of steel drums was Cooperative Agricultural and Mechanical Services in Łasin, which started production in February 1993. As a result of restructuring in March 1995, a new company under the name Label Tin Packaging “BECZKOPOL” Sp. Ltd., which took over the production of steel drums from his predecessor and expanded it.

In order to fulfil customer’s demand Beczkopol offers the various ranges of products including:

  • Tight Head Steel Drums with the capacity of 20 dm³ -65 dm³ made of 0,4-0,6 mm steel
  • Tight Head Steel Drums with the capacity of 208 dm³ -250 dm³ made of 0,7-1,2 mm steel
  • Open Head Steel Drums and closuring ring with the capacity of 210 dm³ – 250 dm³ made of 0,7-1,2 mm steel
  • Conical Open Head Steel Drums with the capacity of 30 dm³ – 65 dm³ made of 0,5-0,6 mm steel
  • What more we are producing Closing Rings for steel, fibre and plastic drums.

Our drums are made of black steel that is painted with water-based paint in any color chosen by the client with the possibility of writing marks, logos, etc..

All the drums we produce are UN certified and are designed for storage and transportation the dangerous goods according to ADR, RID, IMDG-Code and DGR regulations.

Reaching out our customer’s needs we developed a very good logistic net, so that the needs are realized JUST IN TIME, to customer was confident that our service in this respect is the best.

The company success is the result of both young and dynamic staff  and also a unique customer approach. The Beczkopol’s vision is to create world class Manufacturing Enterprise covering the customers packaging needs. We would like to be seen as preferable partner providing the full service, technical advice including for the steel drum users.

We want to be a good friend of environment keeping both the company growth and good financial results. We have already made and still make much effort in order to fulfill our vision.

In 2002 Beczkopol achieved ISO 9001: 2000 certificate for the Quality Management System.

We can say that the success of quality activities is depending on effort and engagement of the whole staff. Building up the quality we reinforce our customer’s trust, we create company internal power.

The future of our business depends on developing a culture of quality, which is the basis of identity, a source of development, the building blocks of a positive image in the customers’ eyes.

All our quality activities we can express in our credo: “Let’s do better these things which we do perfectly now“.

In spite of relatively short time of Beczkopol’s activity we achieved many successes. As the first in Poland we began the manufacturing of the Tight Head Drums with the capacity of 216,5 dm3 with UN “X” group classification. This drum was rewarded by the first Prise during the International Packaging Fair “OPREX” in Katowice 1995. In 1999 Jan Jagos – the President of Beczkopol obtained the distinction of the best Businessman of Pomorze and Kujawy area. Our last achievement was the product reward for the 30 dm³ Tight Head Steel Drum ofor dangerous goods packing issued by PAKSTAR 2002 during TAROPAK 2002 Exhibition in Poznan.

Taking into consideration the sales volumes of steel drums our company has significant domestic market share confirming the right strategy and customer approach. Our main customers in oil business are: Orlen Oil Kraków, Lotos Group Gdansk,Total Warszwa, Fuchs Gliwice, Tedex Oil Tomaszów Mazowiecki. We also sell the packaging to many chemical plants as: PPG Cieszyn, Akzo Nobel Pilawa, Zakłądy Chemiczne Organika  Nowa Sarzyna, TBD Debica, Sun Chemical Marki.

Manufactured steel drums’s we also sell to many European countries including Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Our products are present on many fairs both in Poland and abroad being of interest of many customers.

Despite these indisputable achievements still feel insufficiency and every day we ask ourselves what more we can do to satisfy our current and future customers.