Quality and Environmental Policy

Wytwórnia Opakowań Blaszanych Beczkopol’s goal is to consolidate its position on the Polish metal packaging market and expand its presence on the external markets keeping the principles of balanced development.

Therefore target the overriding goal of W.O.B. “Beczkopol” is the improvement of the customer oriented policy simultaneously with superior taking into account the requirements and expectations of the interested sides. A pleased and satisfied customer and also the understanding of the environment in which the works operates. The guarantee of the company is success

The introduced Integrated Management System is intended to serve the implement of these purposes.

We take the following priorities:

The assurance that our products meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

a2 Expanding the range of manufactured products in accordance with the anticipated development of customer needs and expectations.


The improvement of production processes and realization of orders so that they are:

  • the improvement of production processes and realization of orders so that they are
  • more efficient – they are able to meet the customer’s requirements at the lowest cost
  • more flexible – they are better responsive to the variability and diversity of customer requirements

A4Minimizing the waste produced from the lacquering process.

A5Minimizing airborne contaminants from the lacquering process.

A6Optimizing electricity and gas consumption.

Our goals we realize through:

B1Fulfillment of  applicable legal and other requirements that the manufacturer has committed itself to.

isoKeeping and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

SATISFACTION MEASURESystematic customer satisfaction survey and recognition of stakeholder requirementsSystematyczne.

B4Building an organization based on quality culture and environmental awareness.

B5 Motivating employees to achieve the goals set.

EVOLUTIONConstantly upgrading the qualifications of the employees.

B7 Creating working conditions conducive to the involvement of employees in the performance of tasks.

B8Providing financial resources for the implementation of the task.

COOPERATIONImproving co-operation relationships with suppliers.